John Williams owns and operates K-9 Protection Services and has done so for 28 years. Mr. Williams is a master trainer and dog handler, as well as a certified dog trainer and instructor of the Department of Criminal Justice with 24 years of training experience. Mr. Williams really loves dogs, and you do not have to be around him long to discover that fact. Just watch him, observe him, on how he reacts (and even talks) to your dog and you will surely know that he is special with dogs.

Mr. Williams is a 2003 graduate of Michigan's K-9 University, located in Petersburg, Michigan, finishing second in his class. Mr. Williams has been trained and certified to instruct dog handlers and their dogs in obedience, kennel management, tracking, protection training, explosives detection and narcotics detection. Mr. Williams is a former member of the Virginia Police Work Dog Association and the North American Work Dog Association.